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OPC From a Single Source

INFOSYS ONLINE delivers state-of-the-art OPC solutions. By using toolkits from Softing, solutions can be implemented at calculable costs in the shortest possible time.

Everyone is talking about  Industry 4.0 - we make it happen.  OPC  is one of the standards in industrial automation when it comes to networking devices and applications on a neutral basis. With OPC, it is no longer necessary to know the communication capabilities of the components involved.

If manufacturers offer an OPC interface for their devices, they can be certain that a large number of standard applications are available on the market and that their devices can be easily integrated into the IT landscape of their customers, provided they are also based on the OPC standard.

OPC Unified Architecture (UA) pursues the goal of global interoperability and defines a service-oriented, manufacturer-independent and cross-platform data and information exchange - from the field device on the factory level to the ERP system on the corporate management level.

OPC was introduced in the 1990s. Because of  the advancement of the software industry and the discontinuation of Microsoft's communication standard OLE, a new edition was necessary to meet the new challenges such as  Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and platform independence.


We master almost the entire landscape of Softing toolkits. Here is an overview.  

OPC Development (Toolkits)
integrating 4.0  (current overview by Softing)

softing development  partner

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