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AIS365 - The Solution

AIS365 is THE solution for systematic alarm and crisis communication.

  • During an incident, AIS365 knows who needs to be informed.

  • During an incident, AIS365 knows who must not be informed.

  • AIS365 knows the location of the person and how to reach them.

Contact information about employees  or recipients of information is matched with the corresponding channel and availability preferences and linked to the intelligence of your infrastructure. During an incident, AIS365 then informs the intended recipients by telephone, fax, e-mail, SMS and / or messenger based on previously defined parameters. AIS365 automatically selects the preferred channels.

If a recipient cannot be reached, AIS365 automatically informs the next in line.

We put almost the entire  Softing toolkits. Here is an overview.  

OPC Development (Toolkits)


integrating 4.0  (current  Overview of  Softing)

softing development  partner

In many situations, most institutions and authorities lack a communication system that can deliver the right information to the right recipient at the right time. AIS365 closes this gap - AIS365 is a highly available escalation and crisis management solution.

Here you find an overview of the foundation and technology of AIS365. At the top there is a menu leading to the various topics.

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