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3 Steps to a Suitable Message

In order to resolve a crisis quickly and successfully, employees should be able to concentrate on problem solving. Our system helps them with crisis classification and notification. AIS365 informs the relevant people on the right channels.

  1. An employee classifies and specifies the incident using a selection menu. Example: Medium-low voltage incident

  2. An employee fills out the message parameters: Substation Markt Schwaben, Bay Control Units 863,125,346

  3. Fault clearance employee receives messages via SMS and messenger about the fault in city center area A

Sample incident: School shooting

  1. An employee fills out the message parameters: School xy

  2. Police, SWAT team, fire brigade are notified, the crisis team is convened

  3. Secure conference call is convened

Sample incident: Chemical accident or nuclear incident

  1. An employee fills out the report parameters: chemical accident / nuclear incident at company X in Yz

  2. Rescue and disaster control centers are notified

  3. Employees in the danger zone, radio and TV stations  get your information. Everything at predefined times and depending on events.

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